Why should you choose a Certified Residential Specialist?

Because, it's not the same old real estate market anymore!

These days, it’s faster, more complex and more competitive in every way.

Homebuyers shop the Internet. Offers arrive by cellular phone. And on-line mortgage companies make it possible to obtain pre-approved financing right in the privacy of your own living room.

In this supercharged marketplace, you need more than just a Realtor. You need a professional with the unique training and know-how to create opportunities, identify potential pitfalls up front, and make your home buying or selling experience an unqualified success.

You need a Certified Residential Specialist.

What is a Certified Residential Specialist?

A Certified Residential Specialist is a Realtor who has earned a certification from the Council of Residential Specialists by completing a rigorous course of advanced training, and by meeting significant experience requirements.

Just 5% of all Realtors in the U.S. can call themselves Certified Residential Specialist. That’s because just one in 20 has the extensive experience, the unique commitment and the hours of advanced training necessary to call themselves a Certified Residential Specialist.

Yet, despite all the extra expertise you get, a Certified Residential Specialist doesn’t cost any more than any other Realtor. In fact, the skills and know-how you get with a Certified Residential Specialist may actually save you time and money.

And that’s just the beginning. Click here to see some of the other reasons you should consider hiring a Certified Residential Specialist when you buy or sell a home...

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